Science made stupid

Posted by Dan on Jun 18th, 2009
Jun 18

Science Made Stupid is a hilarious parody of science.



At the end of the Creosote era, two new classes arose to challenge the ruling reptiles - birds and mammals.

The success of the birds was due in large part to their development of the feather. As you may recall from chapter 2, Galileo demonstrated that a feather falls more slowly than a lead weight. Being covered with feathers thus gave the birds a definite advantage over the flying reptiles, which were covered with lead weights.

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  1. TTB Says:

    The saber-tooth duck is intriguing, but I’m looking forward to the day when gene-splicers bring us the saber-tooth basset hound and mini-mammoths aka lap mammoths, which could hang out on the couch with their legs splayed, airing their tummies like cats.

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