Maximum strength

Posted by Dan on May 21st, 2009
May 21

ultra1000 Tums antacids gives you a choice between Regular Strength, E-X 750 Extra Strength, and Ultra 1000 Maximum Strength.  Same size bottle, same price.  The difference is that Maximum Strength is twice as thick as Regular Strength and you get half as many.  Extra Strength is 50% thicker than Regular Strength and you get two-thirds as many.  Same amount of flavored chalk, different size pieces.  Duhhhh.  Let’s see, should I get Regular Strength and take more of them for severe heartburn, or get Maximum Strength and use a pill splitter if I have mild heartburn?  Ow, now my brain hurts!  I can’t decide, so I’ll compromise on Extra Strength.

Speaking of heartburn, this is like ordering a large pizza and having it cut 6 ways instead of 8 because you’re on a diet.

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