Le Pogo et frites

Posted by Dan on Jan 23rd, 2009
Jan 23



The Last Appetite has the recipe and complete instructions for this monstrosity, a hot dog, covered with French fries, on a stick.  My first impression was that this is not all that much more disgusting than a corndog, but on closer inspection, I found that the French fries are glued to the hot dog with what is essentially corndog batter.


Then there is the matter of condimentary dissonance.  I put mustard on hot dogs, and I put ketchup on French fries.  Doing it the other way around is just wrong.  Whatever I put on this is unnatural, and eating it without condiments is unthinkable.  I went through the comments at The Last Appetite and someone suggested dipping it in chili and cheese.

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  1. HermanTurnip Says:

    First the turducken, and now *this*. Has God truly abandoned us? ;-)

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