Bamboo laptop

Posted by Dan on Nov 30th, 2008
Nov 30


Reader jde sends a note about a new Asus laptop.  From the manufacturer’s announcement:

The organic tactility, refreshing scent and minimalist aesthetics of bamboo lend the ASUS Bamboo Series notebook an arresting aura of spirituality, warmth and old world charm that synthetic materials and cold, impersonal metals will struggle to replicate.

I like the bamboo.  I like the juxtaposition of nature and technology.  But really, the BS is piled high and deep here.  An “arresting aura of spirituality”?  In a laptop?

Asus is careful to say “bamboo-clad” and “bamboo paneling”, rather than saying the case is made out of bamboo.

And of course, by “bamboo”, they don’t mean actual bamboo, they mean something that was originally bamboo, before it was sliced, laminated, glued, processed and machined.

The genuine bamboo fiber patterns on the touch pad create the sensation of touching live bamboo.

Did you catch that?  The patterns are genuine and create a sensation of bamboo… the touch pad is not made out of bamboo.