Painted cats

Posted by Dan on Nov 10th, 2008
Nov 10


Reader CET sends an email full of pictures of painted cats.  Snopes says the pictures are fake; they’re taken from a 2002 coffee-table book, Why Paint Cats, The Ethics of Feline Aesthetics, by Burton Silver and Hilary Busch.  According to Snopes, it’s an elaborate send-up of both art books and cat books.  The book is a sequel to the 1994 book by the same authors, Why Cats Paint, A Theory of Feline Aesthetics.

You can see some of the pictures for yourself.  This is the comment I like best:

Anything to make those horrid, conceited creatures devoid of all dignity and self respect is fine by me.

I like the pictures, but I’m glad they’re fake.  I’m not an animal rights activist; I don’t get too upset when stray cats disappear from the alley behind the Chinese restaurant.  I do think that companion animals deserve to be treated with a certain amount of respect, if not for their sakes then for ours.