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See Hillary dodge sniper fire

Posted by Dan on Mar 26th, 2008
Mar 26

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  • Dubya took us to war over imaginary weapons of mass destruction.
  • Hillary has experience dodging imaginary bullets.
  • Conclusion: Hillary is qualified to take over as Commander in Chief on Day One.

3 Responses

  1. TTB Says:

    Dan, are you questioning The Narrative? The Narrative, by it’s nature, is Truth.

    Just ask any reporter.

  2. Dan Says:

    Narratives can change. Hillary started out with “Hillary the Inevitable”. Then she tried on “Hillary, Agent of Change” before “Hillary, Ready on Day One”. Now she has to watch out for “Hillary the Pathetic Fraud”.

  3. CET Says:

    Perception is everything! And a good story needs drama. If Hillary perceived Bosnia to be that dangerous she may have been describing her internal fears and reality rather than what was actually happening.
    So, Bush’s version of reality concerning war is “Shock and Awe” and “it really is getting better: we will win, if we stay the course” and “War is profitable.”
    Hillary’s is “War is terrifying and I feel threatened even when there is a little girl greeting me.”
    Obama’s is “I wasn’t really paying attention to those advocating race war.”
    I tend to, psychologically, be more like Obama - I am paying attention to those things that I can have influence over and the rest of the information overload is going on around me without my focusing on it. If I don’t focus at least briefly on something, I don’t remember it, or I remember it out of context.
    Of course, I am a lot like Hillary. I read danger into many situations that are not dangerous. And my version of reality is never as clean as if it were videotaped. And now I have to cope with a faded memory. Pam was talking to me yesterday about something we had done 20 years ago. At first I didn’t remember it at all and then as she described it, pieces came back to me.
    Both of my brothers remember vividly that I was taken, in an abulance, to a hospital (when I was ten for an appendectomy). But I was very focused at that time because of the pain and I know it was my Mother who drove me. I would have remembered being in an ambulance if it were part of that experience.
    They say that eye-witness accounts are random from witness to witness. People remember things differently and it is that emotional filtering system of memory and possibility that creates massive misunderstandings and miscarriage of justice.
    In evaluating people we vote for, we tend to think in absolutes of perfection in all things, when perhaps we need to see where their perceptions of reality will lead them and us.
    With McCain who I suspect still doesn’t accept that we lost in Vietnam, victory is very important.
    To Obama life is like a bowl of cherries and he sees only good in everything. Which is ok, but can he perceive and rebuke “evil”?
    Hillary sees danger everywhere and wants to avoid it. “Run away, run away.”
    She also sees danger for regular people in our society and wants to help. She is a very brave person although I don’t understand how she could stay married to a philanderer.
    Anyone running for president has to be a little off and we should be looking deeper than “gotcha” for evaluations. I would like to see Barbara Walters take a shot at getting each of them to reveal their true faces on in-depth one hour interviews rather than seeing speeches other people probably wrote for them, or sound byte attacks in a face-off.
    I have to decide if I want to vote for a Hawk, an Innocent, or a complex and fearful Virgin/Whore/Mother.

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