Spamming God

Posted by Dan on Oct 30th, 2007
Oct 30

I found something new, at least new to me: the prayer blog. There seem to be a number of these, and of two varieties. Some are places where people post their prayers, which raises some interesting theological questions.

Does posting to a prayer blog count as prayer? Does God have an internet connection? Does infinite bandwidth go along with omnipotence and omniscience? Is Heaven behind a firewall? Does God have a PC or a Mac? Does God use commercial software without paying for it?

Other prayer blogs are solicitations for others to pray for a particular purpose, like healing a child with a medical problem. The parents have presumably already tried prayer, to no avail, and now want some help spamming God with prayers.

Does God like being spammed? In other words, do a million similar prayers have more effect than one prayer? Does God have a spam filter? Is that why so many prayers go unanswered? Does spam piss Him off? I assume that dietary restrictions aren’t a factor here, since spam is only metaphorically a pork product. However, the God of the Old Testament was a wee bit touchy about a lot of things, and getting spammed just might qualify as smiteworthy.

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